A time for a new You

As the holiday season comes to a close our thoughts turn to our new year’s resolutions.  Most of us try goals that we never seem to be able to keep.  So one of the goals should be to find simple solutions that we can implement on a daily basis.  Remember movement is very important especially in the north climates, so one of the goals should be to do some type of movement everyday.   Parking further from the store or taking the stairs are just some simple ways of keeping movement within your daily life.  Also nutrition is very important so eat up all your goodies and start back into your fruit and vegetables.   Don’t forget the HGH as it will also restore your body back to your healthy, youthful state.  Also we will be starting to teach you how to keep yourself in balance this year so check out our events page as therapies are also the third goal you should have and the last goal is meditation.  Keep those those 4 simple goals and you will have a better 2019.

November a time for Thanks

As the weather cools and life goes to sleep for the winter it is a time to remember the summer bounty of food and to be thankful for the harvest.  Even though the summer did not yield as much as the weather was very challenging at least we were able to put food away for the winter.  As the earth changes continue, look for different weather patterns and plan accordingly.  Don’t rely on things to be there when you need them be proactive.  Be proactive with your health as well use the HGH gel.  We keep talking about it as it is changing people’s lives for the better physically and financially. And for all that we are grateful that someone took the time to share with us so we can share with you.

October the tide of inner growth

As the weather continues to grow cooler here in the northeast everything is going back to the earth to be recycled again next spring.  However, it is a great time to expand our learning and growth.  We will be starting classes on Medical Intuition in the month of November at the Holistic Health and Healing Center.  The first class will start November 18th.  Also growing young with homeopathic HGH is amazing!  Join us in getting better sleep, more energy and that is just in the first month.  Within six months most people see: cellulite greatly diminishes, improved immune system, gray hair begins to return to natural color, heart rate improves, reduction in LDL cholesterol, decreased pain and general soreness, blood pressure normalizes, wounds heal quicker.  This information is from over 13 years of customer results.  You can find more information here.

September -The time of change

A lot has happened since we last communicated.  This summer was busy with the nutrition side of our wellness program.  All the wonderful biodynamic and organic food has been bountiful.  Also we have started two new programs both have to do with homeopathic solutions.    One program reads the health and vitality of all your organs and glands and is able to make a homeopathic remedy specific to your needs and it all can be done remotely.  The other program is revolutionary in the results it is providing.  Check out the why at ‘get on the gel  and if you would like to get some for yourself check out the link here.   We will be starting our health scans for the fall again so check out the events page, it will be updated with new events shortly.  Hope you have a great fall season even with all the planets in retrograde.

June – time to share

Even though the growing season is about a month late we still have beautiful produce to share.  Many things like lettuce like cold damp weather.  Things like lettuce and other leafy greens can be started in a cold frame early in the season so you can have fresh food months ahead if you had started it in the ground.  However, if you like local strawberries get them fast as it looks like a short season.  It was too hot for them earlier and then too wet right now in the beginning of June when they should be in the height of production.  Look for us at the Green Farmer’s Market with our biodynamic and organic produce.  Time to share- some good eating!

April Showers brings May’s Spring Vegetables

Now that spring is finally here all of the wonderful spring vegetables are starting to make their way up out of the ground so that we can start to enjoy.   Remember however, that nutrient dense foods are the best.  Most commercially grown foods have no minerals added to the soil.  They are fertilized but that just makes the plant grow but the plants are empty, the soil is dead.  There are no worms or anything that grows in the soil between plantings.  We live in the heart of Ohio farm land with an organic farm across the road and a commercial farm next to us.  The commercial farm soil is hard and lifeless and the organic farm has plants and worms crawling all through it before and after planting.  Minerals are the basis of all life and without them many health issues will happen.  Ask a farmer how many minerals are in a calf supplement, more then some baby formulas and we wonder why young people are less healthy then in the past.  If you are not getting proper nutrition your body will keep looking for something to eat hoping that it will find satisfaction and we wonder why obesity is epidemic.  With proper nutrition you will find you are not hungry and your body will balance at a healthy weight.

Spring Cleanse

Spring is here at least the calendar says so for the northeast US.  In Ayuvedic Medicine spring is the time for the liver energy to be at its strongest with the gallbladder.  Nature provides us with the right foods at the right time (think of dandelions).  They are wonderful food to eat (as long as they haven’t been sprayed).  Maple syrup and baking soda also is a good cleanse as well as apple cider vinegar and grape seed oil.  Think of the pluming however, you need to make sure that everything is flowing properly before you try any cleanse.  So as you spring clean your house spring clean your body.  If you don’t take care of your body properly, where are you going to live?

Maple Season is here so it must be March

When the weather starts to warm the trees start to awaken the sap begins to flow.  We are tapping the trees right now to make maple syrup the old fashion way on an open fire in a big pan (an evaporator) boiled for a long time.  The darker the syrup the more minerals and other nutrients are found in the syrup is because the trees are getting ready to bud and start to draw these nutrients up into the trunk and branches.  We also are coming out of our long winter’s nap and should also prepare ourselves for the coming of spring.  Spring (when the dandelions bloom) is the best time to do a cleanse.  Rid ourselves of all the stagnant substances and toxins that have built up during the winter.  One of the best ways to do this without putting undue stress on the liver or kidneys (since they are already over worked) is to use a maple syrup and baking soda cleanse.  Make sure you drink plenty of water especially Maple Tree Water.  This water is also from maple trees and it has the minerals from the trees but no sugar.  That all went into the maple syrup.   Check out our youTube video of the Maple Tree Water freezing right before your eyes.  Structured water is very unique but that is for another day…

SAD (seasonal affective disorder)

Grey days of February getting you down? Then you might be suffering from SAD (seasonal affective disorder). In the north with the lack of sunshine it is known to affect moods and to cause even depression in others. Take a pill, yes you could or you could expose your body to more light energy or Colour therapy as it is known in other parts of the world. Here in the US some people like to call it laser light therapy, sounds much more western, more medical. All it is is just a lack of root chakra. Chakras are from Ayuvedic medicine and known of for thousands of years. Sounds and smells work instantaneously on your energy so why don’t you give them a try?