October the tide of inner growth

As the weather continues to grow cooler here in the northeast everything is going back to the earth to be recycled again next spring.  However, it is a great time to expand our learning and growth.  We will be starting classes on Medical Intuition in the month of November at the Holistic Health and Healing Center.  The first class will start November 18th.  Also growing young with homeopathic HGH is amazing!  Join us in getting better sleep, more energy and that is just in the first month.  Within six months most people see: cellulite greatly diminishes, improved immune system, gray hair begins to return to natural color, heart rate improves, reduction in LDL cholesterol, decreased pain and general soreness, blood pressure normalizes, wounds heal quicker.  This information is from over 13 years of customer results.  You can find more information here.