Healthy Home, Healthy You

We can look at home two different ways.  We can look at the building that you are in and spend significant amount of time within or we can look at the body that contains you as also your home.  Both need to be clean.  Most physical homes are built with ‘Sticks and Cotton Candy’ instead of real sustainable energy efficient products like radiant barrier insulation or if your house is already built you can paint it with a special coating that could save you as much as 30% on your utilities for heating and cooling.  Most insulation today even in some newer homes that are sealed so tight that the insulation sweats and starts to mold and that is where a lot of people are having health issues and might not even be aware of the cause.  So back to the healthy you.  We are able to detect what is making you feel not just right, whether it is your home, work or just the stress from everyday life.  If you don’t keep your body healthy where are you going to live?

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