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Visit us at our upcoming events, We will update when they are rescheduled  :

Mini Fair Holiday Inn
5185 Gateway Dr.
Medina, OH
Sun. January 26th. Noon-5

Elizabeth Howell Fair, Ford UAW Union Hall
17250 Hummel Rd. Brookpark, OH
Sunday February 23, 11-5

Namaste Life Center, Starting Intuition Classes
620 E Smith Rd. Medina, OH
Class Febuary 16th
Health Fair Febuary 15th,  12 to 5

Body Mind Spirit Expo Columbus
Universal Light Expo
Ohio Expo Center, Kasich Hall
Fall 2020

Gift of Light Expo
Ohio State Fairgrounds, Lausche Building
717 E 17th St., Columbus, OH
March 14 & 15,  10-6

HHH Expo
Soccer Sportplex
North Olmstead, OH
Fall 2020




About Our Journey

We are a group of individuals seeking answers and solutions. Pain and lack of health are great motivators to open one’s mind to seek knowledge from places that may not always be sought.

My story is not an uncommon one as I was stricken with pain and disability. After an exhaustive search throughout western medicine with no lasting solutions,  I explored unconventional approaches, solutions that fulfilled me with greater understanding to lasting health and vitality.

As an engineer I always relied on science, but struggled to honor my intuition, but dead ends always have new beginnings.  People and things will lead you to where your intent has already gone, eventually leading me to Germany and Energetic Medicine where what we struggle to understand here  is common place there.

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Dianna Stahl



What a State

What a state we are in right now!  Most people are living in a state of fear and distancing themselves from others.  This is the time we need to come together and understand that fear and the stress that comes from the fear is the worst thing for your mental and emotional and physical being.  …