If it really heals you, forget it you can’t sell it.

I have worked in the integrative health field for over 25 years and before that I was an electrical engineer. My goal has always been to bring solutions – real solutions to people. Whether is was green technology before the name was popular or real health solutions since western medicine failed me. Each time I have seen really innovative technology or supplements get buried. One companies’ growth was outpacing all other companies as they had a product that really healed people, next thing you know, a computer glitch and new management and poof, the company no longer exists. On a smaller scale I have been working to bring high density, biodynamic, nutrient dense certified organic food to Wadsworth, OH. It is a small farmer’s market in a small town. They are discriminating against us as we also work with our old order Amish who can’t bring the food to market so they are relying on us to do so. Some people make incorrect decisions based on their lack of knowledge but they are too arrogant to ask questions and find the real truth. It might make them look ‘stupid’. There is a famous quote from Albert Einstein “Condemnation with out investigation is the height of ignorance.” All I can hope for is that ‘the awake’ people find us for real nutrition, with real food. Are you awake?

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