Living the cycles of Nature

In this modern world so many of us lose contact with nature. It has been an enjoyable summer for us in the Northeast. The rains stopped and we could finally concentrate on growing our food and sharing it with others. As the earth’s magnetic fields continue to change, life and growing food on a global and local level is going to change. As an electronic engineer I am very aware of the impact of RF and EMF and the solar changes and what they are doing to us and our energy field. Every day I am seeing people dealing with the negative effects of these events. Some are self imposed (by being too close to our technology) others are on a global scale, like running out of water in the mountains of Colorado and California. Be like a boy scout, be prepared. So in that mind set we are growing younger every day. You can find out more information how you can reverse the the aging process by checking out: NewULife.   Also we have been interviewed many times on TV so watch for our new video page.  We are here to help because everyday we focus on Love, Life and Blessings, do you?

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