Some of the courses that are available, call for times and dates

Medical Intuition

Learn about the body functions and how they are represented on a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual levels. Learn how to connect with your healing team and any other spiritual guides. Learn to balance auras and chakras as well as meridians. Explore the psychology of emotions and how they effect the body.  In addition, this course incorporates numerous other healing modalities within it, like Reiki and other energy based therapies. This course will expand students intuition and understanding of bio-energetic medicine. Great for healers and other energy workers that want to take their skills to the next level. This is a certification course taught in small groups or individually.

Colour Therapy

Each colour is connected to various areas of our body and will affect us differently emotionally, physically, and mentally. By learning how each colour influences us, we can effectively use colour to restore balance and harmony to our lives. This course is taught in conjunction with reflexology.

Biofield Analyst

Work with a medical technology that has three medical certifications and is used in countries with a medical system that use a preventive medical health care systems. Learn what is the biofield and how the information gleamed from that field can prevent or eliminate dis-ease from the body. Explore Ayuvedic medicine and a more eastern approach to health and wellness. This is a certification course.


Is taught in levels 1 through master. This course will certify you to the different Reiki levels and as a Reiki practitioner.


Come and join our relaxing class.

Tai Chi and Qigong

Mondays 10:30-noon. Holidays excluded.

UCS (Unified Chakra System)

This class is designed to balance the all chakras within the body and it’s surrounding energies. Great for practitioners and also people who are sensitives and empaths who are looking to protect and strengthen their energy while maintaining balance within all of their interactions.