How’s your Head?

Is your head on straight? Using a cliche that is over worked but still is apropos after working in energetic counseling for over 20 years. I see too many people that are letting the stress undermined their mental and physical health. I was there once also so I can relate to how people get there but I am suggesting that their is a much better way. Stress doesn’t change but how you relate to the stress is totally within your control. Do not look for the answers ‘out there’. The control i.e. balance is always with in you. But like a great piano player or great sports person it takes practice. Making your response almost subconscious or in the alpha state of your brain. You are aware of the situation, but calm and relaxed. This state makes you so much more capable to deal correctly with the situations that they become less than what they might have been. Don’t wait make the changes now! Find someone that can correctly help you to deal with what ever you have going on. Don’t use traditional methods, energy is everything. Find someone who is trained in energetic counseling, your life depends on it.

A better Way

So many people think chemistry is the solution to the problems that we are facing.  Why? Why have we been programed to believe if we stick something unknown into ourselves that that will be the solution.  In the beginning of medicine chemistry did make some remarkable progress but why stick to something that is almost a 100 years old and really hasn’t changed since that time.  Yes there are changes to the products that come out but the research has become almost non existent and the dollars generated have become more important that people’s health.

Everything is energy including us and frequencies are where we should be looking for answers.  Why are people so blind to the fact that we are like a piano and if one or more of our notes (organs or glands; chakras or meridians) goes out of tune that we can re-tune it just like we can tune the piano.  Oh, that’s right we have a reactive health care system and if we prevented or eliminated dis-eased how could we have such a large industry to treat people and treat them some more, and more.  So wake up and look away from the screen that tells you what to do and and find real solutions.

Escapism the new hobby for 2021?

As 2021 has just barely begun and I sit here deleting over 9000 junk comments on  my little web site that probably has one real visitor a day maybe (sorry to those one or two real comments that I am still looking for).  I have always asked the question, why?  Why am I deleting page after page from drug companies pushing what?  Escape.  Whether is is pharmaceutical or deemed illegal why, are drugs being pushed on us day after day through all media outlets.  Then sex, another escapism activity when it is not used as a healthy exchange between partners.  Those are the other 1000 or so comments that I have to delete.  The last one is money, just do this simple thing and we have the answer for you. The answer is;  it is because people have allowed other people to control their destiny.  I was that way once.  You can’t go here, you can’t do this, you have to wear this.  If you only get this, or do this, you will be happy.  Happiness comes from inside!  No other way.  Outside things can give you joy but they will never give you happiness.  Civilizations for centuries have told us to find Nirvana.  I tell you you already have Nirvana inside of you. You just have to quiet yourself and look inside and you will find that peace and the power to do what you need to do to provide for yourself and others and you will be very happy doing it.  So stop try all of the escapism activities and be honest with yourself anything on a screen is an escapism activity.  Anything you take to make a change in the way you feel is an escapism activity.  You will heal by being the true authentic you.  You will be successful by being the true authentic you and most of all you will be happy!

Are you alive or just living?

After just deleting 400 junk comments that were probably sent by computers I was wondering if any one is alive or have you just settled in front of your screen like a robot doing what you are told.  Even though life has given us many challenges at least we are living every moment to the fullest.  Throw your screen away and get outside and be alive.

What a State

What a state we are in right now!  Most people are living in a state of fear and distancing themselves from others.  This is the time we need to come together and understand that fear and the stress that comes from the fear is the worst thing for your mental and emotional and physical being.  My father said and I paraphrase, no one is going to take care of you so you need to take care of yourself.  So did we need to prepare?  No we were already prepared.  We were prepared by keeping ourselves healthy, by eating healthy foods, live foods.  We were prepared by knowing where the local food sources are.   If you can’t count on your community of neighbors then what do you have?  As winter breaks here in the northeast, maple season has just finished and we prepare the ground for the new harvest, what are you going to do to provide for yourself and your loved ones?  I say come together and be independent and rely on your skills and if you don’t know something ask your community.  I am sure someone would be happy to help.  We are all in this together and with each other’s  support we will thrive!

Living a Stress Free Life

The holiday season is over and are most of you returning to a normal relaxed pace?  Really? We went to a networking meeting today and no one was there.  The organizer said it was due to most everyone was to busy to attend.  I feel it was because most people are too stressed chasing the ‘magic ball’ they think is necessary.  I used to be that way.  I was programmed to think I had to have this and that and I wasn’t successful in my business and personal life if I didn’t.  What I learned from that meeting is I learned so much more by taking the time to share and get to know each other and how we could help each other.  Being in the moment and allowing is a much healthier and much more prosperous way of being and you can have more fun!  Become the new you in the new year by not chasing but by leading yourself and others into the place of wealth and health.

Are you Consistent?

Working the the health and wellness field for over 20 years I have found a few consistent truths, one of them is that most people are not consistent, especially with their good habits.  Whether it comes from adding more healthy water (and yes not all water is the same).  We need structured water, the water that comes straight from the earth without being processed in any way.  That means filtered, pumped or bottled in plastic.  Also most people are not consistent with their nutrition.  Boxed or packaged food does not contain nutrition.  So most over-weight people are seeking nutrition so they keep eating and their body is hoping for some life in their food.  When you eat nutrient dense food you are satisfied.  Also most people are not consistent with their correct supplements.  First you have to select the correct supplement for the person’s energy.  Then they have to stay on it long enough for the body to make changes.  So many people bail when things start to get tough.  That is the body just on it way back into health.  When I started the Somaderm the changes or healing crisis was just that.  But that product has changed my life.  It has healed my back pain from 3 severe auto accidents but what I didn’t expect was my gluten and dairy sensitivities to be eliminated and the most unexpected is my goiter to be healed after almost 50 years.  Yes it took consistency on my part but I gave my supplement enough time to created a new and healthy me and even better is it created a new wealthy me.

Living the cycles of Nature

In this modern world so many of us lose contact with nature. It has been an enjoyable summer for us in the Northeast. The rains stopped and we could finally concentrate on growing our food and sharing it with others. As the earth’s magnetic fields continue to change, life and growing food on a global and local level is going to change. As an electronic engineer I am very aware of the impact of RF and EMF and the solar changes and what they are doing to us and our energy field. Every day I am seeing people dealing with the negative effects of these events. Some are self imposed (by being too close to our technology) others are on a global scale, like running out of water in the mountains of Colorado and California. Be like a boy scout, be prepared. So in that mind set we are growing younger every day. You can find out more information how you can reverse the the aging process by checking out: NewULife.   Also we have been interviewed many times on TV so watch for our new video page.  We are here to help because everyday we focus on Love, Life and Blessings, do you?

If it really heals you, forget it you can’t sell it.

I have worked in the integrative health field for over 25 years and before that I was an electrical engineer. My goal has always been to bring solutions – real solutions to people. Whether is was green technology before the name was popular or real health solutions since western medicine failed me. Each time I have seen really innovative technology or supplements get buried. One companies’ growth was outpacing all other companies as they had a product that really healed people, next thing you know, a computer glitch and new management and poof, the company no longer exists. On a smaller scale I have been working to bring high density, biodynamic, nutrient dense certified organic food to Wadsworth, OH. It is a small farmer’s market in a small town. They are discriminating against us as we also work with our old order Amish who can’t bring the food to market so they are relying on us to do so. Some people make incorrect decisions based on their lack of knowledge but they are too arrogant to ask questions and find the real truth. It might make them look ‘stupid’. There is a famous quote from Albert Einstein “Condemnation with out investigation is the height of ignorance.” All I can hope for is that ‘the awake’ people find us for real nutrition, with real food. Are you awake?

Happiness is ?

What is real joy?  Can you ever remember a real time that you felt happiness?  When that question was posed to me my answer was not really.  I had a very sad childhood, it was filled with sickness and bulling.  Parents that really did not show positive emotions, dad showed emotion but always negative emotions.  However, my childhood was the classroom so that I can be a better person as I know what it feels like to…  You fill in the blank as I probably have experienced something similar to what you are going through.  Yes, not exactly as we all filter things differently but I am sure I have felt or experienced something close so I can relate.   So when am I the most happiest?  That is when I am teaching.  I want you to learn and I am excited to share with you so your path does not have to be as hard and challenging as mine.  Let me share my wisdom with you because as an old soul I “have been there, done that.”