A better Way

So many people think chemistry is the solution to the problems that we are facing.  Why? Why have we been programed to believe if we stick something unknown into ourselves that that will be the solution.  In the beginning of medicine chemistry did make some remarkable progress but why stick to something that is almost a 100 years old and really hasn’t changed since that time.  Yes there are changes to the products that come out but the research has become almost non existent and the dollars generated have become more important that people’s health.

Everything is energy including us and frequencies are where we should be looking for answers.  Why are people so blind to the fact that we are like a piano and if one or more of our notes (organs or glands; chakras or meridians) goes out of tune that we can re-tune it just like we can tune the piano.  Oh, that’s right we have a reactive health care system and if we prevented or eliminated dis-eased how could we have such a large industry to treat people and treat them some more, and more.  So wake up and look away from the screen that tells you what to do and and find real solutions.

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