There are Solutions

So many of us are dealing with ‘things’ that weren’t even an issue a couple of years ago. Let me reassure you that there are solutions to heal ourselves both on the mental and physicals levels. Are you going to hear about it through standard western medicine, NO! Our western medicine system has been taken over by the people that do not have our best interest in mind. Just follow the money… You’ll see the connections between all training and supply outlets. Good people are caught in the middle and have had to make hard decisions whether to honor their careers or their conscious and a lot of health practitioners have moved from the lies and the deception. So be confident that there are solutions for a myriad of problems you might be experiencing. Find someone who understands that we are energy, conscious and alive and can change when the right frequencies are introduced into the being of energy which has manifested into a human body. It is always energy first, physical manifestation second. Enjoy the ride and be well!