Escapism the new hobby for 2021?

As 2021 has just barely begun and I sit here deleting over 9000 junk comments on  my little web site that probably has one real visitor a day maybe (sorry to those one or two real comments that I am still looking for).  I have always asked the question, why?  Why am I deleting page after page from drug companies pushing what?  Escape.  Whether is is pharmaceutical or deemed illegal why, are drugs being pushed on us day after day through all media outlets.  Then sex, another escapism activity when it is not used as a healthy exchange between partners.  Those are the other 1000 or so comments that I have to delete.  The last one is money, just do this simple thing and we have the answer for you. The answer is;  it is because people have allowed other people to control their destiny.  I was that way once.  You can’t go here, you can’t do this, you have to wear this.  If you only get this, or do this, you will be happy.  Happiness comes from inside!  No other way.  Outside things can give you joy but they will never give you happiness.  Civilizations for centuries have told us to find Nirvana.  I tell you you already have Nirvana inside of you. You just have to quiet yourself and look inside and you will find that peace and the power to do what you need to do to provide for yourself and others and you will be very happy doing it.  So stop try all of the escapism activities and be honest with yourself anything on a screen is an escapism activity.  Anything you take to make a change in the way you feel is an escapism activity.  You will heal by being the true authentic you.  You will be successful by being the true authentic you and most of all you will be happy!